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Some time ago, I wrote about the importance of adapting to the individual working styles of your colleagues. It was in this article that I reflected on my (then) position as digital project manager and how altering the way I approached sharing and delivering information was key to creating lines of communication that made sense to people, rather than trying to force everyone into the same box.

Once I’d cracked how each of my colleagues preferred to receive information, it just so happened that tasks were completed more accurately and quickly. This was naturally well received in the digital agency…

There is something to be said about strength in small numbers. Perhaps you’ve come across Jeff Bezo’s ‘Two Pizza Rule’. If two pizzas can’t feed all of the participants, then there are too many people there!

You may think that efficient and effective delivery within a small team would be straightforward and relatively easy to manage. And whilst it is considerably different to managing the moving parts of a team of 30+ people, managing projects within the small team is not without its own challenges.

Don’t forget. The principles of project management are adaptable, whatever your team size

In smaller…

The online space is becoming louder and more saturated with businesses and brands vying to attain both their existing customer’s and also any new customer’s attention.

With this in mind, It is incredibly important to ensure that you not only produce eye-catching and creative collateral, but you also position it effectively in front of the right audience.

There are a plethora of savvy tools available online to help support digital marketing and social media marketing teams with creating and amplifying their content. It can sound like a costly experience when it comes to paying for various different software and tools…

With so many clients, projects and people to organise in the digital agency space, it is extremely beneficial to use a comprehensive project management tool to help ease the load. Throughout my previous experience, I have used various project management tools including Basecamp, Trello and Teamwork and whilst all of them offer different interfaces with their own special quirks, their general functionality remains the same.

We are using project management tools to facilitate better organisation

When I first joined a web agency, I shared this post illuminating on my first month on the job. …

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been insanely curious about people and what makes them tick. Over the course of my working life, I’ve had the privilege of working within a number of different teams — all varying in size and with different hierarchies.

A team rarely consists of just one personality type, and that is certainly something to be celebrated. It’s really important to adapt to your teams individual working styles to promote a happy, healthy and productive working environment.

Step back and examine the different ways in which people like to work

As a personal example, within the team of creative designers and web developers, that I work…

Why being a beginner again is one of the best things to happen to you

It’s taken nearly three months for me to be in any sort of clear-headed position to write this particular blog post on why being a beginner again is one of the best things to happen to me. If I’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that time is everything and with time…everything usually slots into place.

When I left my comfortable, safe job of 4 and a half years where I was surrounded by lovely friends and knew my role as a a content and…

I’m now a digital project manager for a web agency. An entire month in my new role has not yet passed and I already feel as though I’ve been a digital project manager forever. Though, this may be a slightly shortsighted statement because I probably unknowingly have been!

There are three key things that I’m working on.

  • It is my responsibility to ensure that our quality projects are delivered on time, and on budget.
  • It’s my job to make sure our team and our clients are happy while working on said project.
  • And finally, it’s my purpose to grow and…

In this post, The truth about brands, influencers and sponsored posts’ I wrote about the precarious relationship between brands and influencers when there is a marketing objective involved.

Unlike more traditional PR, influencer marketing in its relative infancy is an advertising channel that requires its boundaries to be constantly reviewed and altered. It is still, even in 2019, a murky industry built on a foundation of blurred lines and a lack of solid measurability. Couple that with other factors such as creative freedom, money, integrity and dishonesty and you have an active volcano just waiting to erupt.

That being said…

For better, or for worse, I’m a Type A personality through and through. Apparently, us Type A folk are rigidly organised, overly concerned with the finer details and thrive on structured time management. And whilst this may not always sound like a good thing see this post on the perils of burn out, I do actually quite enjoy my Type A status. It is just the way I function best and make sense of the world around me.


Psyche labels aside, I’m the type of person who simply lives by a list, still carries a paper diary everywhere and…

Like most millennials born in the early 90s, I pretty much grew up online. At primary school, we had access to those cumbersome Acorn computers in the dedicated ‘computer room’, and from the age of 6/7 onwards, my family always had a computer at home too. When I think about it, I have always been incredibly lucky to have unrestricted access to this mad place that we call the internet for almost my entire life!

Are chatrooms even still a thing?!

My first experiences on the internet came via AOL chatrooms, MSN Messenger (Window’s Live Messenger?!) …

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