5 Free Tools Every Digital Content Creator Should Know About

The online space is becoming louder and more saturated with businesses and brands vying to attain both their existing customer’s and also any new customer’s attention.

With this in mind, It is incredibly important to ensure that you not only produce eye-catching and creative collateral, but you also position it effectively in front of the right audience.

There are a plethora of savvy tools available online to help support digital marketing and social media marketing teams with creating and amplifying their content. It can sound like a costly experience when it comes to paying for various different software and tools to help. - That needn’t be the case though as there are some fantastic free tools available.

Here are 5 of my favourite free content creation tools…


You can use the free version of Canva to create impressive visual assets for your brand. With Canva you really don’t need to be a professional creative designer to easily (and quickly) produce eye-catching and effective marketing materials including Instagram content, Facebook posts, social media assets and more!

With plenty of built-in templates, fonts and images to guide you, Canva is a super versatile tool recommended to any digital marketing team.


Video is becoming one of the most popular ways to display creative campaign work, especially in the e-commerce sector. Wistia is the perfect platform for digital marketers in particular as, unlike Youtube, Wistia offers handy functionality that allows you to add CTA buttons and heatmaps to your videos, as well as analyse the viewing habits of those who play your videos.

With the data surrounding your video content at your fingertips, you can clearly see how your audience is interacting with your campaign.


Manage multiple social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter in one place with Hootsuite. Hootsuite makes it easy for you to have a full 360 view of all the action on your social media accounts as well as delegate between responding to followers and scheduling new and topical content.

Whatsmore you can also receive weekly analytics via email. These useful data insights can include the number of clicks per day, the geographical location of people clicking through to your links, the most popular links and your top refers. If you’re a brand, Hootsuite can be extremely beneficial in enhancing your customer service proposition thanks to the ability to monitor real-time follower feedback.


Even the most experienced writers can make spelling or grammatical mistakes from time to time. Though, when your work is facing hundreds or thousands of potential clients or customers, you don’t want to be left red-faced thanks to a clumsy spelling error.

Grammarly is extremely helpful in the way that you can check and double-check that the content you are putting out there is grammatically sound. You can handily add Grammarly as a browser extension which is great because it automatically tracks mistakes wherever you are writing, whether that be on an email, or in the backend of your Wordpress site.


If you want to add content to your images, including text and hotspot links — Thinglink is an excellent tool. It is particularly useful for content campaigns and blog creation as the user can simply add a hotspot to any imagery which will pop out a link to a product or external URL.

Thinglink is particularly useful for eCommerce businesses writing blogs about their product offering. You can also embed code for videos! Thinglink really is the perfect way to make content more dynamic.

How will you boost engagement via creative content?

I have barely scratched the surface with regards to the useful tools that are out there however, It goes without saying that the performance of the tools we have discussed above can be even more insightful if you upgrade them.

However, if you’re just getting started or want to try before you buy, the free versions can be extremely useful in helping you to progress your digital campaigns.

Writing about topics on digital marketing, working smarter, mental health & more. Project Manager / Marketing Manager» Blogger at www. goodgollymisshollie.co.uk

Writing about topics on digital marketing, working smarter, mental health & more. Project Manager / Marketing Manager» Blogger at www. goodgollymisshollie.co.uk